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STEP 1—Research Course Options

See what online courses are available. As you select possible classes, you can see which ones are accepted by which institutions and how many credits will apply towards your degree. This will help you plan your transfer to an accredited online or traditional college or university.

What Classes?

"I had a choice to make—And now I’m in love with learning."
Amanda Duerden, Missouri

STEP 2—Research by College or University

Already have an idea of your college or university? See whether they participate in ACP and how courses you might take will apply to your degree. We'll also show you how to find more information directly from our partner institutions.

What Schools?

"Prioritize what you really need to be doing with your life."
Cassandra Gaubert, New York

STEP 3—Make a Plan

Like all major investments, college requires planning: for studying, transferring, completing, and paying for it. Although ACP courses are low cost, financial aid only becomes available when you have enrolled in a program at your chosen school. Begin planning your path by using the course guide.

View Course Guide

"I liked the convenience of online learning."
Terri Schlader, South Dakota

STEP 4—Register

Once you've researched and planned, take action. Visit your course provider's website to create an account, pay for, and complete your courses according to your plan, at your pace. As you take ACP courses, you will also learn what you need to succeed in college—how you learn, how best to tackle your difficult courses, how transcripts work, and so on.


"Online tools bring the most challenging concepts to life."
Parwana Noori, Kansas

STEP 5—Request Your Transcript

Once you're ready to apply for admission to your college or university, or re-launch your college program, you can have your ACP transcript sent directly to your chosen college(s).

ACP Transcript

"Knowledge is a torch that you can't put out, but you can pass it on."
Amanda Duerden, Missouri

Course Selection Guide

As you identify the courses you need to transfer to your desired institution, download the Course Selection Guide to keep track of the courses you need to take from one or more of the participating providers.

Download Course Guide

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About ACE

The American Council on Education (ACE) is the nation’s most visible and influential higher education association, representing 1,700 accredited, degree-granting institutions—colleges and universities of all kinds. A long-time innovator in helping adults pursue and complete degrees (we started the GED® in 1942), ACE began organizing the Alternative Credit Project™ (ACP) in 2014.

This project will begin with 51 institutions and focuses on the more than 31 million U.S. adults who have completed some postsecondary coursework but lack a degree or credential. The project creates a pool of low-cost or no-cost, lower division courses and general education online courses across 20 to 30 subject areas. Participating colleges and universities agree to accept transfer credit for these courses, allowing students to enroll with up to two years of credit toward a four-year degree.

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