Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) I took some courses through an ACP provider, are the credits still transferable?

  • Yes, if you completed any of the ACP credit recommended courses from the 6 providers between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2018 then the courses are still good for transfer. However, institutions are no longer guaranteeing acceptance of these courses. Please reference the institutions website or contact the institution directly to determine whether the course(s) is/are accepted. Institution webpages are linked on this website, please find the institution by selecting ‘Searching by College or University.’

2) How do I request an ACE transcript?

  • To request an American Council on Education (ACE) transcript please go to the ACE Transcript Registry website:
  • You’ll need to create an account and secure log-in. Once you have an account, request your transcript and search for your course under the organization’s title to request a transcript for your course(s).

3) Do the providers that participated in the ACP still offer their courses?

  • The 6 providers may now adjust which courses are available at certain times. Please reference each provider’s website or contact the provider directly to learn more about the availability of courses.

4) How much do these courses cost?

  • Provider’s prices are available on their website. All discounts providers have offered will end with this project. Our website reflects the current prices as of 4/1/2018 for each provider. Please confirm with the provider on prices and price may vary depending on course type or load.  Prices range from $0 - $330

5) Can I receive financial aid?

  • Financial aid is not available for courses taken through providers. All participating institutions in the ecosystem are regionally accredited, so you can apply for financial aid when you apply for admission to any of the participating institutions. Please contact the financial aid office at a specific institution about applying for financial aid and completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).    

6) How do I know these are quality courses?

  • Courses on the National Guide went through a rigorous review process in order to receive a credit recommendation from ACE. ACE has been reviewing learning that takes place in a nontraditional setting and making credit recommendations for decades. ACE utilizes faculty reviewers who are subject matter experts from regionally accredited institutions in the U.S.

7) What programs are available to transfer ACP credits into at the participating institutions?

  • Institutions in the ecosystem offer a wide range of programs; some are completely online, some are hybrid degrees, and some are campus-based or face-to-face programs. To see the full offerings, visit the webpage of the participating institution by selecting them from the list of institutions.

8) Which providers still have credit recommendations?

  • We are currently reviewing courses from the participating providers. We will update the webpage to reflect which courses have received a credit recommendation. You can reference our national guide to find the most up to date information on credit recommendations for all our participating providers: 

9) Do institutions still accept these courses for credit recommendation?

  • Some of the participating institutions will still accept the courses from this project. Please refer to each institutions website, linked from this site, to see an updated list of courses they accept. You may also contact the institution to talk with an advisor to see if they would accept a course for transfer credit.

10) How much does it cost to order a transcript?

  • The cost to request an ACPE transcript is $15 for each transcript. You must first create an account with ACE’s Registry and Transcript System and pay a one-time $20 account registration fee (which includes one free transcript).

Still have questions?